Candy That Doesn’t Suck!

We started Liquor Lollipops with one simple idea in mind, “Make candy that doesn’t SUCK!” After releasing 7 wonderful, marvelous flavors like Watermelon Vodka, Apple Whiskey and more.

We have taken a HUGE step by releasing new cool, more complex flavors like Sex On The Beach, Rum Punch and Thug Passion.

Try them all today. Shop online. Impress your friends and satisfy your flavor soul!
21 & Up To Suck!

Eating Kids Candy Is Making You Fat!


M&M’s taste great, but so do Liquor Lollipops. With considerably less fat. Fat is the enemy to any diet. This is just another reason to feel great when you are enjoying our great liquor flavored lollipops.

Stop Eating Kids Candy

It’s the holidays and we know you will be tempted. So while we are counting down until Christmas day, we want to remind you not to Eat Kids Candy. Sure it’s fine to eat pie, cookies and cakes that help to make the holidays so great. BUT, leave the little one’s candy right where it’s at.

Maybe last year you had a good excuse, because you didn’t know about us. But this year you do. So before your sweet tooth kicks in, order your favorite flavors of Liquor Lollipops today. That way you can truly enjoy this time of year.