Valentine’s Day Sucks…Contest

Now that we are a few  days away from Valentine’s Day, we are happy to start our latest competition. We love, love here at Liquor Lollipops. That’s why we are doing this contest. All you have to do is join our Liquor Lickers Club and post your favorite flavor of Liquor Lollipop (that way we can know what flavor to make if you win) and that’s it. Winner chose on March 10, 2019!

Our Craziest Flavor EVER

Thug Passion: Champagne + Cognac + Passion Fruit


Who doesn’t remember 2Pac? People remember a lot of his classic songs like ‘Dear Momma, and ‘California Love’. Those are cool songs, but our favorite here at Liquor Lollipops is  ‘Thug Passion’.

We take the recipe directly from the song, and combine the flavors of Champagne + Cognac + Passion Fruit. The flavor combination is intense, smooth and true to the drink.

This is our craziest flavor ever, because the sweet taste of Passion Fruit & Champagne hit you first and then the deep full mouth flavor of the cognac massage your taste buds last.

As with all our other flavors Thug Passion is Non Alcoholic, so people of all ages can enjoy it. But enough of talking about it. Order any one of our yummy 18 Packs and we will include a free Thug Passion lollipop for you to checkout!