About Us

The HAPPY Candy Company

You know what sucks? Traffic. You want to know what also sucks? Having to eat eat kids candy, because you have know other choice. Growing up it was cool to nibble on fun candy, but as I grew up and started developing more mature taste (i.e. alcohol), I stopped wanting the candy kids were eating. But just like you, what other choice did I have? Inspiration hit me one day and the motivation was to make the best tasting adult candy ever. The first few batches of liquor lollipops were for a house warming. I combined my bartending and chemistry background to make the pops. I brought out the lollipops and everyone joyfully grabbed one. The pops were made with real liquor and tasted absolutely terrible! Unless, you are a cowboy walking into a saloon after riding a bare back bull, you probably don't want the taste of taking a shoot of liquor every time you lick a lollipop. Those first few brave souls at the house warming had a squished up face due to the taste. Most put the lollipops down after a few licks. I knew then, in order to create the greatest adult candy ever, I would have to do more research. What I finally figured out is, adults that eat candy ever now and then want enjoyable flavor. So from there. I reached out to a independent flavor laboratory to create distinct flavors that mirror some of the most popular spirit flavors. From there the party has been ON! There is absolutely NO alcohol in our lollipops. Just unmistakable flavor. So whether you are out and about with friends, at home watching Netflix or at an event with thousands of others, you can take a liquor lollipop with you. Liquor Lollipops is a service company, that makes candy. It is our joy to serve our gourmet small batch liquor flavored treats to you. Every batch that is made, we speak to it and ask that it brings you joy and a smile on your face. After all, that's what it's all about. 21 & Up To Suck! #StopEatingKidsCandy