CockSucker™: Apple Canadian Whiskey (6 Pack)


Enjoy this fun shaped lollipop in Apple Canadian Whiskey flavor.

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Apple Canadian Whiskey, a rich, smooth flavor with a hint of apple.  Canada is known for producing actor Jim Carey, maple syrup and ice hockey. They are also known for making great tasting Whiskey.

The CockSucker™ is famous in it’s own right. “I like the CockSucker™, because it’s a lollipop with SEX appeal.” said Jenny Taylor, after purchasing this 6 pack. Most people agree, the CockSucker ™Apple Canadian Whiskey (6 Pack) is a hot topic when brought to parties.

The flavor is unforgettable and the fun shape only adds to the experience. You can customize the CockSucker™ and create the perfect lollipop that represents you. You can add Bubble Gum Balls (No Pun Intended) or replace the classic white stick with any one of our flavored peppermint sticks.

Canada land of the polar bear, Elk and makers of Swedish Gummy Fish. We are thankful to you for making this unforgettable Apple flavored whiskey. We took the essence of Apple Canadian Whiskey and injected every drip of flavor into our lollipops.

This isn’t your parent candy and CockSuckers™won’t get you pregnant (Lol). Their is a time and a place for everything. The CockSucker was made for the perfect time of your choosing. You can choose to take any party to the next level or keep’em handy whenever you want a piece of Adult candy. We hope our candy gives you a smile.


Ingredients: Sugar,Water, Corn Syrup, Salt, Natural and Artificial Flavors



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