CockSucker:™ French Cognac (6 Pack)


Yes, this will be the talk of the party!

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The French Cognac CockSucker™ is a new way to instantly enjoy a old school favorite. It’s  amazing,full flavored and stimulates with it’s rich after taste. You will recognize subtle hints of mouth watering goodness, that you’re sure to relish. This candy plays like a symphony on your taste buds. It’s a miracle on a stick!

Once you unwrap the French Cognac CockSucker™. You’ll suddenly be greeted by a familiar aroma that’ll remind you that this candy isn’t shy or bland. The impression you’ll get when you first introduce this candy to your tongue, will leave you speechless.

This hard candy is styled to be sensational, bold and fun. To be enjoyed by friends, at parties but most importantly by you. Be the first person to introduce your friends to this Lollipop and watch them be in awe. The French Cognac CockSucker™ harnesses all the flavor essence of the famous spirit and embodies it’s signature tone and texture.

The French Cognac CockSucker™ is Non-Alcoholic so people of all ages can enjoy them. However, this is FAR from kids candy. This is adult candy that has flair, sex appeal and a taste that you’re guaranteed to savor. Live a little and put some spice in your life. Why? Because you really know how to have a good time. Shop Now!

Ingredients: Sugar, Water, Corn Syrup, Salt, Artificial & Natural Flavors

21 & Up To Suck!



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