CockSucker™: Georgia Peach Vodka ( 6 Pack)


Unbelievable flavor of Georgia Peach Vodka in this fun shaped candy.



My grand dad John Zeno ( God bless his soul) was a cowboy. Growing up I learned many things from him. He taught me how to ride a horse, how to raise livestock like cattle and he also taught me the phrase CockSucker.

Living in Houston,TX during my youth. I remember riding with him in his blue Dodge Ram pickup truck. When over aggressive drivers would ride too close to us or slam on their brakes. My grand dad John would call them CockSuckers.

I’m not really sure why that phrase stuck with me. Maybe it was the way the words sounded coming from him who fluently spoke Creole French. I remember laughing every-time he would say the words. So I’m really happy to name this fun lollipop after him.

It keeps his memory alive. Every time a person or group buys a order of CockSuckers or when a person says the name, it reminds me of him and I smile.

When you unwrap this fun Liquor Lollipop, you won’t help but smile. All the great taste of Georgia Peach Vodka is found in this eyebrow raising lollipop. You can customize these to include bubble gum balls (no pun intended) to enhance this  one of a kind taste experience. Trust us you have NEVER had a lollipop like this

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Bubble Gum Balls

Liquor Lollipop Stick



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