French Cognac Liquor Lollipop (12 Pack)


Enjoy this French Cognac flavored Lollipop in this fun shape.

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The French are known for a lot of things. We get French fries, French bread and thankfully French Cognac from them. French Cognac’s flavor is often compared to the taste of Hennessy. The French Cognac Liquor Lollipop features full mouth flavor and appealing after taste.

Each order of French Cognac Liquor Lollipops is handmade from scratch. We only use the best ingredients we can source. Our candy is Non- GMO and kosher, so all walks of life can enjoy. People who like the great taste of Cognac, will enjoy these and people who don’t drink think these pops have a flavor out of this world.

Each taste is an experience. This Liquour Lollipops are Non-Alcoholic but your taste buds will feel like they have been on a day tour of the southern tip of France. Order this 12 pack of lollipops and prepare for a flavor eruption.

Ingredients: Water, Sugar, Corn Syrup, Salt, Natural & Artificial Flavors,

1 review for French Cognac Liquor Lollipop (12 Pack)

  1. These French Cognac Lollipops taste just like Hennessy. My husband ate most of my last order. He eats them while smoking his favorite cigar. This order I’m hiding for myself.

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